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      fluorescent pigments

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      What points have selected color ink printing

      1 shows a color strength of the ink level of the concentration method. The measured after a certain amount of ink is further added a certain amount of mixing dilute standard white ink , and then compared with the standard sample method . The difference reflects the strength of the force ink color mixing degree , affect the printing ink film thickne 1 shows a color strength of the ink level of the concentration method. The measured after a certain amount of ink is further added a certain amount of mixing dilute standard white ink , and then compared with the standard sample method . The difference reflects the strength of the force ink color mixing degree , affect the printing ink film thickness.2 is a basic characteristic color hue , qualitative difference for . Photoluminescent Masterbatch, we must first consider whether the hue consistent with the detection method is usually kind of paper scraping by scraping or simulated color printing , with the eyes of the standard samples and the samples were observed and compared .3 gloss can be used both instruments to measure , they can determine with the naked eye , usually naked eye color observed in the course . Gloss ink actually refers to the degree of the sample after irradiation of reflected light in the same direction by the size of capacity . Its direct impact on the appearance of printed matter , is a very important indicator. Meanwhile , in the choice of ink, the ink itself is to distinguish light , semi-gloss or matte ink , avoid mixing errors.4 ink cover is hiding the extent of the background color . Hiding the worse , the better its transparency , efficiency and transparency of the level of impact on the extent of the impact of the printing substrate chromatic ink . Identified by the color of paper scratch scratch color color test (Drowdown), glow in the dark tape can be compared with the standard ink -like differences in luster, hue , hiding three aspects . Specific methods: the top left corner to put the paper in the identification of standard ink , color ink put right corner , between about one centimeter apart around , scraping with a spatula in colored paper with near-vertical angle strongly flattened thin section and apply to the tilt angle of light rapid deployment force deposited thick section .

      Photoluminescent powder

      Jinan Realglow photoluminescent pigments is produced mailnly from the rare earth elements through a special technology, the pigment can glow for up 20 hours after its 10-minute exposure to a visible light source. Realglow photoluminescent pigments are re-chargeable many times over just by exposing it to any light source, preferably those with Ultra Jinan Realglow photoluminescent pigments is produced mailnly from the rare earth elements through a special technology, the pigment can glow for up 20 hours after its 10-minute exposure to a visible light source. Realglow photoluminescent pigments are re-chargeable many times over just by exposing it to any light source, preferably those with Ultra Violet rays like Sunlight or UV.Our pigment is also called photoluminescent powder, there are yellow-green, blue-green, pure blue and purple glowing color available.

      There are other color paint photochromic material

      Paint is a color other substances by means of a special paint color change . There are other materials which change color .First, the temperature change of raw materials: The temperature difference between the control change color. The products have been developed cryogenic color, hand touch color, color temperature , suitable for various plastic i Paint is a color other substances by means of a special paint color change . There are other materials which change color .First, the temperature change of raw materials: The temperature difference between the control change color. The products have been developed cryogenic color, hand touch color, color temperature , suitable for various plastic injection and extrusion molding color pink variety of glow in dark sheets in special ink . Second, Dreaming of raw materials : use of sunlight (UV light ) control the color change . Product availability pale colored and has a pale colored .Third, the luminous light-emitting materials : save any energy absorption and luminous in the dark , the product of long-acting , short-acting , light colors are red, blue , purple , yellow green and so on. Fourth, LCD Materials : The temperature and color rendering change the angle difference Rainbow .  Five , long-lasting sense of material: use of slow release microcapsules to control flavor , fragrance sustainable six months to one year. Sixth, the sense of wet color : white water-based inks, water glow in the dark tape transparent .  Seven chameleon material : different angles , the product surface color will be different, widely used in anti-counterfeiting .  In addition, there are security fluorescence , infrared nanotechnology, biotechnology, new materials , such as multi-functional . These functional materials with a wide field of use, can be used in plastic products , printing and coating, textile fabrics, metal jewelry , toys, gifts , etc., suitable for injection molding and surface printing spraying a variety of products , development of new products is your good material .

      Introduction of color paint color

      Color paint color are sprayed oil ) is a color change produced by other substances a special paint .         Category: temperature change paint , UV color paint, paint a different angle becomes natural light ( chameleon paint ) and so on. Temperature change color when exposed to heat into the paint and a Color paint color are sprayed oil ) is a color change produced by other substances a special paint .         Category: temperature change paint , UV color paint, paint a different angle becomes natural light ( chameleon paint ) and so on. Temperature change color when exposed to heat into the paint and achromatic , cold or warm color temperature color change color and other special color paint . Can change color with temperature paint . In case of heat- containing compounds from a chemical reaction and photoluminescent river rock into microcapsules. Used for toys, textiles , gifts ( such as color ceramic cups ) and so on. Basic colors : black, sapphire blue , dark blue, navy, red, red , rose red , orange , yellow, green, malachite green, dark green , etc. ( color ) The basic temperature : -5 ℃, 0 ℃, 5 ℃, 10 ℃, 16 ℃, 21 ℃, 31 ℃, 33 ℃, 38 ℃, 43 ℃, 45 ℃, 50 ℃, 65 ℃, 70 ℃, 78 ℃. UV paint is a color microcapsules containing Dreaming encountered when excited by ultraviolet light color shows color. More for toys, gifts , textiles , jewelry , the latest cell phone out of the shell color . Basic colors : purple, red, blue, sky blue , green , orange, yellow( 1 ) a reversible color paint. When the temperature drops gravels for driveway the original color , the pigment is contained iodide ; ( 2 ) irreversible discoloration of paint. When the temperature does not drop back to restore original color pigment is contained chromium, iron, potassium , sodium, calcium, aluminum nitrate , sulfate, chloride and the like. Brushing the motor , bearings, boiler and other equipment to indicate the temperature , ensure safety.

      adding as little as possible

                                             Long afterglow luminous use:1 . Injection : press the proportion that good luminous body , adding an appropriate amount of paraffin oil ( diffusion oil can ) , into a paste, then pour weighed glow in the dar                                        Long afterglow luminous use:1 . Injection : press the proportion that good luminous body , adding an appropriate amount of paraffin oil ( diffusion oil can ) , into a paste, then pour weighed glow in the dark film compound can be produced . There can be injection molded material : pp, pe, pvc, pu, ps, abs, tpr, eva, pmma, nylon. The more transparent plastic material , light the better , as far as possible with fluorescent toner toner , adding as little as possible ,2 tone ink : that good luminous materials, transparent varnish, related auxiliaries stir evenly ( What varnish, what additives are different ) .Use long-lasting afterglow luminous powder ratio:1 . Injection : It is recommended 4-10 % , often 5-6 % , glow in the dark dye according to customer requirements .8% brightness with good meal , the proportion of low concentration powder brightness.2 . Transfer ink: recommended 40-60 % , often 50%.                                    

      Luminous technical features

      1 , and does not contain any radioactive elements , absolutely harmless to humans and the earth .2 , after a short exposure, can produce high-brightness afterglow , is 10 times the brightness of conventional phosphors ; their time in the afterglow of the human eye visual brightness (≥ 0.32 mcd/m2) cases, up to 20 hours .3, the excitation waveleng 1 , and does not contain any radioactive elements , absolutely harmless to humans and the earth .2 , after a short exposure, can produce high-brightness afterglow , is 10 times the brightness of conventional phosphors ; their time in the afterglow of the human eye visual brightness (≥ 0.32 mcd/m2) cases, up to 20 hours .3, the excitation wavelength glowing stone pebbles the excitation light and easy to get to sunlight or ordinary fluorescent .4 , excellent physical and chemical properties. Luminous energy in outdoor or harsh environments and resist the strong ultraviolet radiation , irradiation at 300W high pressure mercury lamp one thousand hours , the performance is essentially the same . Good chemical resistance , wide operating temperature range (-20-500 ℃).5, the production of long-lasting afterglow luminous photoluminescent technology yellow-green , blue-green , sky blue , purple, white , red, yellow variety of light colors, and diverse product color appearance .6 , extremely long life (≥ 15 years ) , can repeatedly absorb - Storage - emit visible light.7 , can be made by a variety of grain products (0.5-200um), for different occasions .

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